Ironhack Challenge 1: Design Thinking

Creating new feature for UrbanGo app that solves purchasing ticket problem in urban mobility

Photo by Jed Dela Cruz on Unsplash


UrbanGo already developed a mobile application where its users can select a starting point and a destination, and the app provides different multimodal routes with the estimated time and the cost of them.

The problem

  • Different variations of tickets (paper or plastic).
  • The process of buying these tickets can be very annoying (queues, vending machines that don’t work, etc.)
  • When traveling abroad pricing or purchasing the correct ticket can become a real pain.

Task: to create a feature for this app that solves the pain of having to purchase different public transport tickets by different channels.

Implementation of Design Thinking method


I started with interviewing 5 persons with completely different backgrounds, age 30–70, who use very often public transportation in their daily life.

All my questions were around their experiences of using public transportation, main difficulties and what they would like to see improved in order to have a more pleasant experience.


Among of many proposals I could separate 3 major pain points:

  • Lack of information about different types of tickets (daily ticket, from different transportation companies, discount tickets).
  • Direction where to find entrance or exit.
  • Notification about when to do the intersection or to step out on final destination stop.

As for the process of buying tickets, all agreed that it is not a problem if they know from where they can purchase it.


I decided to work further on additional information about ticket cost and tickets gradation.

As a solution in this case, after finding basic information about destination and variations of public transportation, could be a pop up window with possibility to choose the proper ticket category.

What I learned

UX/UI Designer

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